Aluminum Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
Aluminum Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
Aluminum Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
Aluminum Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
Aluminum Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
Aluminum Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

The metal hose is automatically inserted into the indexing coil base through the upper tube rack, and the mechanical transmission is used for automatic indexing and photoelectric detection to confirm that the tube starts to automatically meter and fill the tube, and then the two-way four-fold sealing is performed, and the finished product is withdrawn.

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Product application of aluminum tube filling and sealing machine:

Mainly used for packaging materials with aluminum tubes. This machine is widely used in packaging in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical and other industries. Such as ointment, toothpaste, epoxy glue, 502 glue, hair dye, and other liquid or paste -like materials filling and sealing.




Product Parameter

Aluminum tube filling and sealing machine related parameters



Equipment name Aluminum tube filling and sealing machine
Production speed 10-40 pcs/min (depending on different materials and filling volume)
Filling range 2 0-200ml
Applicable tube height 80-180mm
Applicable pipe diameter (diameter) 20-35mm
Number of stations 16 Ge
Voltage 220V
Air pressure 4-6Mpa
equipment weight 220KG
Equipment size 2000mm*1100mm*1880mm




Features of aluminum tube filling and sealing machine:

1.The filling volume of this equipment is easy to adjust, and it can be adjusted by the hand wheel, and the setting is quick.

2.The tube seat is a replaceable tube seat, which can be replaced according to different products.

3.The filling part and the part in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel.

4.The equipment adopts plunger filling, the valve body uses mechanical rotary valve, and the filling accuracy is plus or minus 1%.

5.Turntable speed control is inverter speed control, easy to operate.

6.The sealing method is the common three-fold, four-fold sealing, and the sealing is beautiful.

7.The filling, sealing, and printing integrated machine is completed, and the filling has the function of anti-drawing blow-off and drawing.








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Aluminium Tube Filling Machine, Aluminium Tube Filling Machine and Sealing Machine

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Features of Aluminium Tube Filling Machine:

  1. It is easy to handle
  2. It requires very low maintenance
  3. It is built with tough materials

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