Ultrasonic Filling And Sealing Machine
Ultrasonic Filling And Sealing Machine
Ultrasonic Filling And Sealing Machine
Ultrasonic Filling And Sealing Machine
Ultrasonic Filling And Sealing Machine
Ultrasonic Filling And Sealing Machine

Ultrasonic filling and sealing machine uses ultrasonic waves to make the plastic hose seal produce impact and high heat through the action of the transducer, and quickly melt to bond. Therefore, it does not need to add any auxiliary products. The sealing speed is fast, the quality is good, and the appearance is beautiful. The effect of the medicament is small and it is not afraid of surface contamination and still seals the tail, which solves the shortcomings of using adhesives or hot melt welding.

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Application of Ultrasonic filling and s ealing Machine:

It is suitable for sealing the ends of various types of hoses such as toothpaste, cosmetics, oils, medicines, foods, industrial supplies, etc. The ultrasonic sealing machine adopts the Taiwanese movement circuit and uses the principle of ultrasonic to seal the ends of the hoses and composite tubes with good working stability and efficient.



Product Parameter

Ultrasonic Filling And Sealing Machine



parameter Value
Input power AC220V/50HZ
power 2000W
Ultrasonic frequency 20KHZ
Filling range 10-30ml;20-200ml
Tube length 50-200mm
Tube diameter 15-50mm
Capacity 10-15 pcs/min
Working pressure 0.6Mpa(User-supplied air compressor)
Gas consumption 1.38M/min
Weight 200KG





Features of Ultrasonic filling and sealing Machine

1. Small footprint, high cost performance, panel operation, easy to learn

2. It is convenient to change products, just change a mold

3. Automatic standard, ultrasonic sealing, beautiful sealing

4. Equipped with safety device, no induction, no tail sealing, overload protection

5. Well-known brand electrical components, durable and not easy to break

6. Piston-type filling with hopper, accurate filling






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